Henglong - CAAS’s EPS systems not only help customers reduce emissions, but also benefit customers and manufacturers through a simplified manufacturing process and mechanism design, reducing OEM assembly time.


Our constant commitment to customers has made Henglong a strong, competitive global steering supplier with more than two million electronic power steering units produced annually, supplying the full range of motor vehicles.


Henglong - CAAS provides complete system integration for superior performance and reliability, throughout:

  • Intelligent Recirculating Ball Steering Gear (iRCB)
  • Column Drive Electric Power Steering (C-EPS)
  • Pinion Drive (P-EPS)
  • Rack Drive (R-EPS)
  • Brush & Brushless Motors
  • Contact & Non-Contact Sensors

CAAS's iRCB Steering Technology is the key enabler for ADAS applications with best-in-class quality and performance:

  • Premium steering feel
    • Speed Proportional Steering
    • Active Return to Center
    • Active Damping
  • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Lead/Pull Compensation
    • Wheel Imbalance Mitigation
  • Key ADAS enabler for enhanced safety, control, comfort and performance
    • Lane Keeping Assistance
    • Haptic Feedback for Lane Departure Warning
    • Auto Parking Execution
  • System flexibility
    • Fits vehicles from Class 2 through Class 8

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